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For many years, Dutch chef Sergio Herman has lead the way in innovation in hospitality and especially in food. I had the chance to interview him a while ago in his restaurant Pure C (he still had Oud Sluis*** at that time) and I already noticed his big interest for spirits and cocktails. In fact, we spoke longer on this subject than on the actual interview and it came to no surprise that in his… Read more

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Michel Dame at the The Lab

Slowly, but very surely, The Netherlands are entering the era of the Gin & Tonic. When the drink first hit the European mainland, about 8-9 years ago in urban Spain, it was there to stay. At least, for a very long time. From Madrid, where the After-Work was the setting where the G&T was adopted first, to Barcelona and Sevilla to San Sebastian, one of the culinary hotspots of Europe. W… Read more

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Since Bombay Sapphire initiated the Return of the Gin in the late 80’s, many, many new gins have been launched. Especially the launch of Hendrick’s Gin in the late 90s marked the area of the new style gins, and also the more expensive (or, to speak in marketing terms, Super Premium brands). This all has lead to a shift in brand perception: good old Gordon’s was considere… Read more

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You may have noticed that I haven’t updated my blog the last couple of months on a regular base. Some larger projects, travels and tradeshows have taken up a lot of my time, but I intend to provide you with new information, insights, reports and reviews again! First up is Venuez BE, the Belgian Barshow. The only good tradeshow for hospitailty professionals regarding spirits in Belg… Read more

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I’m still updating my first posts I made earlier this year when I started with the G&T Sunday Reviews. I only tested Hendrick’s with Fentiman’s, so 3 others left to go with this most peculiar Scottish gin. A quick update on what Hendrick’s is, just in case you’ve forgotten: “It has a distinctive bottle, resembling an Apothecary bottle from lo… Read more

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Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Chase Distillery in Herefordshire. I was given an extensive tour around the farm with great weather accompanying me. Master Distiller and also my guide for today Jamie Baggott took a good few hours to show me around, taking me through all the processes they work with to create their 70+ variations. Mainly the production of their alcohol was expl… Read more

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Geranium Gin

Geranium Gin is a Danish brand created by Henrik Hammer and his father, who worked around the concept of incorporating geranium in a gin. They found historical links between the use of Juniper and Geranium and investigated this combination on a scientific level. They concluded that these two are indeed a great marriage and they proceeded with the development of the gin. It is a Lon… Read more

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Since my last G&T Sunday review, I had tried several combinations during the summer. One of the gins that I had very pleasant experience with, was Caorunn Gin, so I was looking forward to tasting it in combinations with the 4 Tonic Waters. The bottle really stands out, especially the shape of it. Caorunn (read label for pronunciation) claims the Celtic heritage, since there’s some… Read more

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After a long weekend, this day feels like a Sunday to me, that’s why I probably  postponed the G&T Sunday posting to today. It’s been a great weekend and I celebrated being married to the Mrs for 1 year exactly last Saturday and treated our guests to a nice amount of G&T’s, which were happily accepted. The next day we enjoyed a friends’ birthday in the p… Read more

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What better way to celebrate the first day of Easter then enjoying a nice G&T! I noticed a less then half-full bottle of Geranium Gin in my cupboard and realised I never tasted it in the mix with Tonic – always in cocktails or neat, strangely. So here we go, in combination with Fever Tree Tonic Water. Happy Easter! Geranium Gin is a Danish brand created by Henrik Hammer and his fat… Read more