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One of the oldest names in the history of making Tequila is the Orendain family. One of the first distilleries Don Cenobio Sauza opened was the one he bought from the Oredain family in 1889. Arette Tequila is named after Arete, a 2-time Olympic gold winning horse, as the two owners of the brand are big fans of horse jumping. They both even competed when they were younger. The distill… Read more

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There aren’t many cities in the world that host the larger part of an industry and are also the namegiver to the category. Cognac is probably the world’s best known example with all major brands clearly present in the city. Around the town there are hundreds of farmers, distilleries and warehouses where the actual production takes place and where the eaux-de-vie age. Safety issues.… Read more

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Overview of Arette Distillery with copper stills

I recently visited the regions of Jalisco and Oaxaca in Mexico, a trip that was truly inspirational and I have Alias Smith and it’s brands to thank for. They have welcomed me in their country, city, village, distillery and even in their homes to show me the true spirit of Mexico. The first part of the trip lead to Guadalajara and Tequila, the second part to Oaxaca with a 12 hour no-sle… Read more

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What could possibly be better then combining great food with one of the best spirits Mother Earth has given us: Mezcales. The kind people looking after Tequila Ocho, Don Julio Tequila and, Del Maguey Mezcal and Ilegal Mezcal in Holland decided do organize an event with exactly those ingredients. Combined with friends of course. One thing about this is truly remarkable: these are 4 compe… Read more

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I just love cocktails that are deeply rooted in society (is that correct to say?), are known all over the world, but it’s origins are just not entirely clear. Who invented the drink, where does the name come from, how was it originally made? All questions that some cocktail-historians are finding the answer to and to many more questions. So, where does the Margarita come from? Mos… Read more

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