Posted on 11/03/2012 by Mistercocktail

Bombay Sapphire & Tonic

This is just one perfect day for another G&T Sunday-review. One of the first real spring-days, at least here in Amsterdam. My choice for today is Bombay Sapphire Gin and since I’ve still got some bottles of Fever Tree, I figured I’d just try that combination. The gin I’m using today has a different method of distillation than the one from last week , although both Bo… Read more

Posted on 19/02/2012 by Mistercocktail


Thinking of what would be the perfect mix for as lazy Sunday afternoon, I started thinking of one of my favourite mixes: the good old Gin & Tonic. Now, as one can understand, one G&T can vary greatly from the other, when using a different gin, tonic or garnish. You can compare it to driving a car. Every car does the same: it┬átakes you from A to B, but how you get to your destination depen… Read more

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Posted on 15/02/2012 by Mistercocktail


Since the rise & rise of the Cosmopolitan cocktail, cranberry juice has been enormously popular for use in longdrinks and cocktails. Besides the Cosmopolitan, the Cape Codder and the Seabreeze are easy mixes and very resfreshing. When drank pure, the drink tends to be quite bitter and strong, so can be diluted with water or, more logically, mixed with spirits. Recently, a new brand… Read more