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The Sorrento area in southern Italy is famous for it’s Feminello St Teresa lemons, better known as Sorrento Lemons. Enormous, sweet lemons that are specific to that region. The limoncello is created by macerating the peels in alcohol for 4 days. After this it is blended with sugar syrup and water. A lot of my friends make it at home, it’s that easy! Although buying neut… Read more

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What do you know about Drambuie? Most people already got the country wrong, thinking it’s French and pronounce it that way. How wrong. It’s Scottish and therefor pronounced as Drambuie. The whiskies used for Drambuie come from the Speyside, perhaps the most famous part of Scotland for producing whiskies, but certainly the most productive. This areas delivers somew… Read more

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The liqueur Mandarin Napoléon is of course inspired by the famous French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who was born on Corsica in 1769. Corsica happened to be the perfect place to grow tangerines, that initially came from China and symbolic for wealth and luxury. It was Antoine-François de Fourcroy, a chemist and teacher, who introduced a distillate of tangerines to Napoléon wh… Read more