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Mary Stuart was a big fan of Delfts Blauw

The history of Gin starts with the Dutch spirit Genever, which is now a pretty well-known fact. But what caused this transition? Was the idea stolen? Were they just inspired? Did soldiers bring the “Dutch Courage” back home? None of that, as it had a political reason. In 1688, the Dutch cityholder William III invaded England, to take the throne together with Mary Stuart. Thi… Read more

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A little while ago, in 2009, the Amsterdam-based company Bols, launched a new product: Bols Genever. In The Netherlands, this seemed like a little bit of a strange thing to do, since genever is a not the most sought-after spirit there. What the¬†good citizens of this country¬†probably didn’t realize, was the great history that goes with this ever so typical Dutch drink. The Bottl… Read more

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