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View of the Chateau Bourg-Charente and the Charente river

As a young brand ambassador working for Grand Marnier, I met Patrick Raguenaud, their Master Blender, for the first time in 2005 in Cognac. The family Marnier-Lapostolle had just renovated the Chateau Bourg-Charente (1609), which was purchased in 1921 and I was lucky to be amongst the very first guests. He showed us how they age the eaux-de-vie that would become the cognacs in the… Read more

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Cognac and Hiphop…horse and carriage. You know what I mean, they get along just fine. In the mid ’90s, rappers like Tupac and Digital Underground started expressing their spirit of choice was Cognac, and more specifically the brand Hennessy. Despite several other brands having been named and ‘promoted’  in songs and videoclips, Hennessy was and sti… Read more

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Very recently, the famous Cognac brand Rémy Martin has launched their VSOP Mature Cask Finish, replacing their iconic VSOP. That had been around from 1927. It has been especially created for the European market. The bottle: The bottle been given a restyling very recently: the matte-coating is removed, allowing us to see the beautiful amber contents of the bottle. The logo that is pl… Read more

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Again, this is one of those cocktails who’s origins are covered in smoke, not entirely clear who was the first ever to create this drink. However, it was created at the end of WWI, in either London or Paris. In Paris, it is said that Harry macElhone created the drink in his famous Harry’s New York bar. A great drinks-author called David A. Embury writes in his book “Fi… Read more