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This Sunday is the start of the 9th edition of Cocktails & Spirits, the barshow in Paris and it is one of the most defining shows for Europe, maybe even for the world. Paris has seen a complete turn-around from lagging lightyears behind, to being one of the leading cities for cocktails in a very short matter of time. Thierry Daniel (pictured below), founder of Cocktails & Spirits ha… Read more

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Since the hotelbar in Amsterdam has sprung to life in the past years, there is no better place to visit than one of these little havens of luxury and comfort. Cocktails are a safe bet, with many internationally renowned bartenders shaking things up for you. So, where to go this weekend? Your first stop is the Vodka Vriday at the lush Bluespoon Bar at the Andaz Hotel, which has been designed by… Read more

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One of my favourite bars in the world is Bar Nightjar in London. I wrote a report of one of my visits about 2 years ago and have visited the bar many times since, despite the distance Amsterdam – London. About a month ago I was asked to produce the first ever pop-up of this bar in Amsterdam, as part of financial congress. It was intended to be the kick-off of  a meeting for financial plann… Read more