Posted on 13/07/2016 by Mistercocktail

Mary Stuart was a big fan of Delfts Blauw

The history of Gin starts with the Dutch spirit Genever, which is now a pretty well-known fact. But what caused this transition? Was the idea stolen? Were they just inspired? Did soldiers bring the “Dutch Courage” back home? None of that, as it had a political reason. In 1688, the Dutch cityholder William III invaded England, to take the throne together with Mary Stuart. Thi… Read more

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Again, this is one of those cocktails who’s origins are covered in smoke, not entirely clear who was the first ever to create this drink. However, it was created at the end of WWI, in either London or Paris. In Paris, it is said that Harry macElhone created the drink in his famous Harry’s New York bar. A great drinks-author called David A. Embury writes in his book “Fi… Read more