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Wilson & Thiago Pires for Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Luxury comes in many shapes and forms, but when the name Waldorf-Astoria is on the invite, one can be pretty sure it’s of the highest possible quality. The branch in Amsterdam opened its doors May 2014 and includes 2 restaurants, one of them with 2 Michelin stars. Fortunately, with the rise of hotelbars in Amsterdam, the hotel is also equipped with a great cocktailbar. To lift t… Read more

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Left to right: Rik Nelson, Ger BUckley, Sam O'Leary and Snader Nederveen

Recently, I travelled to Middleton, Ireland, to visit the distillery of Jameson Irish Whiskey. An impressive site that boasts 3 enormous copper pot stills with 3 more on its way. Irish whiskey has seen a steep rise of interest by consumers around the world and this development is not looking to take a halt anytime soon. That’s also why Jameson is building new warehouses, next to the… Read more

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It’s Wednesday, which means almost weekend. So many things to do again and so little time. This week’s agenda features the newly opened X Bank, a multi disciplinary concept store, The Duchess, one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants and bars, and a few pop-up concepts that need some booking ahead.

Amsterdam’s first Vermuteria
  Planning ahead. Have you… Read more

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Since the hotelbar in Amsterdam has sprung to life in the past years, there is no better place to visit than one of these little havens of luxury and comfort. Cocktails are a safe bet, with many internationally renowned bartenders shaking things up for you. So, where to go this weekend? Your first stop is the Vodka Vriday at the lush Bluespoon Bar at the Andaz Hotel, which has been designed by… Read more

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The river Saar runs in the western part of Germany, close to the border with France, and is home to one of the most highly regarded white wine regions in the world. It is home to Andreas Vallendar, distiller at their family estate that was founded in 1824 in Willingen, and to Dorothee Zilliken, a young and award-winning winemaker at Forstmeister Geltz-Zilliken.  It was a small company ca… Read more

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James Bond famously promoted vodka in his films in the 1960s with the iconic Vesper Martini. In the book Casino Royale (1953) he specifies “Three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodla, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon peel. Got it?” This has been the drink of choice for Mr Bond ever since, eve… Read more

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One of the oldest names in the history of making Tequila is the Orendain family. One of the first distilleries Don Cenobio Sauza opened was the one he bought from the Oredain family in 1889. Arette Tequila is named after Arete, a 2-time Olympic gold winning horse, as the two owners of the brand are big fans of horse jumping. They both even competed when they were younger. The distill… Read more

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AK8A8054 Cuban cigars zw

It is one of the classic combinations: cigars and spirits. Cognac, whisk(e)y and rum are all good companions of cigars, so we were invited for a cigar tasting held at the yet to be opened (!) La Casa Del Habano in the luxurious Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam. The pairing however was not with said spirits, but with the Gin & Tonic.  A combination that turned out to make a lot of sense.

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Waking up after a gin-fuelled day has never been so easy! The first edition of the Dutch Boutique Gin & Tonic Festival was a huge success so I could not be any happier. All our partners made a great efford to look their bestthe sun came out just for us and the guests indulged themselves in the wonderful gins and tonics we had available for tasting. Restaurant Mercat was the perfect setting… Read more

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There aren’t many cities in the world that host the larger part of an industry and are also the namegiver to the category. Cognac is probably the world’s best known example with all major brands clearly present in the city. Around the town there are hundreds of farmers, distilleries and warehouses where the actual production takes place and where the eaux-de-vie age. Safety issues.… Read more