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Mister Cocktail

Posted on 22/02/2012 by Mistercocktail

As a discerning tippler, you have found your way to this blog, not only for easy recipes, but also for great bars and for some education. Now I know you have your cocktail basics at home: your shaker, your strainer, jigger, barspoon…the works. But how cool does it look in your homebar (or kitchen)? Here are some great finds, unfortunately only for my Dutch readers, at Marktplaats (marketplace). I have a great example on how to look for rare finds on this site, where you can match your interior to your cocktailgear.

When making icecubes, solid squares are the best to make, but I understand cocktails are also a bit about the show! Here is a great mold that will impress your guests and you can never go wrong with these yellow submarines.

Crushed ice is important for some cocktails, so use a good one, rather than a stylish one in this case, but with this one you have a pretty good one! Do you want to use a stylish crusher, use this one.

Icecubes need to be kept cool, in style. One great find is this icebucket, in the shape of a bowlingball. It will look amazing in your house and makes a perfect all-year decoration. Another great one is this futuristic icebucket, straight from A Clockwork Orange.

Shaking cocktails is a skill that needs to be learned through years of hard work and training. In the mean time, make sure you have stylish shakers to mask the fact that your skills are bit rusty. A crystal shaker is a great start, this nice set of crackled glass is a good addition to your set as well.

For measuring, an accurate tool is indispensable, but measure in style is what we are looking for today. Here’s a very old measuring tool, from Germany. Another one, made from enamel, in old Dutch style, or mint-green, although I’m not sure about thát colour!

Drinking should always be done in style, so good glassware is just as important to a cocktail as a frame is to your Picasso.

When serving Martini’s, these glasses are great. I have them at home for Daiquiri’s and Manhattan’s. For even more style, go Cristal. No, not that one, this one!

Now, go find your perfect style in equipment and serve your favourite cocktail to your guests, or for yourself.