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On October 28th a truly one of a kind pop-up bar will open its doors for only five days. The prestigious Pulitzer Hotel will be the backdrop for the “100 Martini Bar”, the ultimate tribute to the Martini, the most iconic cocktail of all. The concept has been developed by Sipsmith, a London-based distiller who started the craft movement of gins in London. They were the first to distil a gin in London using the traditional copper still for almost 200 years and make their distillates without any shortcuts.


Image by Ming Chao for Sipsmith

Master Distiller of Sipsmith gin and drinks historian Jared Brown (google him, he’s an authority in a field you probably didn’t realise was there) curated a list of 100 different Martini’s, all documented in books, newspapers and magazines before 1939. This list will be available to taste in one bar, for the first time ever in The Netherlands, and will bedazzle your senses. Their philosophy is that in order to enjoy a Martini, you need to create the best possible sipping environment. And that’s exactly what they did.


Image by Ming Chao for Sipsmith

Mister Cocktail was invited for the launch and first test-run of the concept last Tuesday, together with other Martini aficionados. After we were welcomed and brought to our table, we were offered the iPad with 4 choices. Firstly, we could choose the Martini of the Day, secondly we could take a leap of faith, the third option was to follow the path to funnel to your favourite Martinis and lastly you could browse the whole list. We went for the questionnaire and based on 3 personal choices it boiled down to 2 or 3 recommendations, different ones for each of us. Just minutes later, a bartender rolled up his trolley next to our table and started preparing our drinks in front of us. Style, hospitality and craftsmanship packed into one little cart.


image by Ming Chao for Sipsmith

This is an absolute must to visit for all lovers of Martini’s, great style and spirited debates. A setting that is unrivalled, a drinks menu that is unparalleled and an evening that is guaranteed to be monumental. But: be quick to reserve your seats as its for 5 evenings only and the presale has started already. Seats can be reserved here for € 17,50, which includes your first Martini. Consecutive drinks can be ordered, as we would recommend you to do!


Image by Ming Chao for Sipsmith


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