Posted on 24/06/2016 by Mistercocktail

For many years, Dutch chef Sergio Herman has lead the way in innovation in hospitality and especially in food. I had the chance to interview him a while ago in his restaurant Pure C (he still had Oud Sluis*** at that time) and I already noticed his big interest for spirits and cocktails. In fact, we spoke longer on this subject than on the actual interview and it came to no surprise that in his new restaurant, The Jane, he put a big focus on cocktails, something he already did in Pure C back in 2012.

Image by Mister Cocktail

Sergio Herman with Fever-Tree founder Tim Warrilow

I haven´t had the chance yet to eat at The Jane so I was pretty excited when Fever-Tree Benelux invited me for the launch of a new extention to their already impressive range. Together with Sergio Herman they developed the new Clementine Tonic with cinnamon. This reflects the style of cooking of the famous chef, who loves to work with citrus and spices. The tonic has a fresh and sweet citrus of the clementines that leads to a dry and slightly spicy finish with cinnamon. The tonic goes well with lighter style gins and vodkas.


We were served the Clementine & Basil Love to start the 9 course lunch that was served as part of the launch. This was de Double You Gin by Van Wilderen, a Belgian Gin made in the town Wilderen, about an hour drive east of Brussels.  I tried the tonic last night at home with Sipsmith gin and this works very well, as both pack a nice punch of cinnamon.


After the welcome drink the culinary journey began with a shared dish of tofu, salmon, inari salad and miso vinaigrette. The salmon was exquisite. Pictured above is the maccerel, ponzu, daikon and shiso.


The staff at The Jane combines deep knowledge of the dishes and wines with a flair and style one would expect to find in a fancy cocktailbar, not at a 2** restaurant, but how ultimately refreshing this is! Above is one of the staff explaining about the paella with squid, Zeeuwse cockle and piquillo.


No words, other than that this was the very best Pastrami sandwich I ever, ever had. Such a world famous dish in which all the ingredients have been pefected. Sergio mentioned that this would be available at his new Frites Atelier (The Hague now and Amsterdam soon). I will be a regular there from day 1, no doubt!


To conclude this article I can give you 2 recommendations: get the new Fever-Tree Clementine Tonic Water by Sergio as soon as it’s available and try to get a reservation at The Jane. It will be quite hard to find an empty table in the restaurant below, but the Upper Room is slightly easier and the view is all the more spectacular!