Posted on 30/06/2016 by Mistercocktail

Tess Posthumus has been on the rise for quite some time now, but with the launch of her first book, the 28-year old has hit a new peak in her carreer. The bartender from Door 74 has won several large competitions, including winner of the global Mixing Star finals and becoming the 1st ranked female bartender in Diageo’s World Class in 2015 (8th overall). The book covers a whole range of different categories: Bloody Mary (perfect for breakfast, right?), cocktails for summertime and cocktails for wintertime, all the way to non-alcoholic cocktails.


Every tool needed to prepare drinks is being handled, every ingredient that you can buy or need to make yourself is being described and every recipe is written very understandably. From now on you can be a mixmaster at home! The book is now only available in Dutch, for example at



The book contains recipes including a whole range of classics like the Daiquirí, Mint Julep, Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Espresso Martini and many many more, but also creations by Tess herself, like the Tessmanian Devil (pictured above), the Leonardo DiCaprio (Rye Whiskey, red vermouth, honey syrup),  and the Tess Optimus (dark rum, campari, pineapple syrup). Many of them are with home-made ingredients, but all are perfectly easy explained in the book.


This is without a doubt a book that is perfect for the starting at-home bartender but also a must-have for experienced shakers and very happy to have it on my shelves!


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