Posted on 28/10/2012 by Mistercocktail

Geranium Gin

Geranium Gin is a Danish brand created by Henrik Hammer and his father, who worked around the concept of incorporating geranium in a gin. They found historical links between the use of Juniper and Geranium and investigated this combination on a scientific level. They concluded that these two are indeed a great marriage and they proceeded with the development of the gin. It is a Lon… Read more

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The creativeness of the brand Absolut has nearly limitless since the early 1980s. Remember the famous painting by Andy Warhol or the one made by Keith Haring?  These were truly a landmark in the collaboration between artists and spirit brands and has helped Absolut grow even faster to become the 2nd largest vodka brand in the world it is today. An important part of their strategy is the… Read more

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One bottle in particular has been waiting for me to taste properly and that’s Bulldog gin. The bottle is pretty distinct amongst it’s competitors, not being transparent nor green nor blue. It is named after Sir Winston Churchill’s dog and produced in the UK, using 12 botanicals in total of which 9 are classic gin botanicals en 3 that are unique to this gin: Dragon-Eye,… Read more

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Last February I had a chance to talk with Tony Conigliaro, one of the most creative and highly regarded people in the bartending industry, and far beyond. This year has turned out to be an extremely succesful year for him and his team: winning the award for World’s Best New Hotelbar at Tales of the Cocktail, where he also was in the final 4 in the category World’s Best Cocktailbar with 69 C… Read more