Posted on 20/09/2012 by Mistercocktail

Last month, I launched a crowdfunding campaign to look for fundings to publish my very own Mister Cocktail book. It will be a re-introduction of the great classic cocktails, based on a limited amount of spirits. This way you do not need to stock your bar with 50+ bottles in order to make some fancy drinks at home. Every cocktail will be accompanied by a nice dish or bite: good cocktails need to… Read more

Posted on 03/09/2012 by Mistercocktail


Since my last G&T Sunday review, I had tried several combinations during the summer. One of the gins that I had very pleasant experience with, was Caorunn Gin, so I was looking forward to tasting it in combinations with the 4 Tonic Waters. The bottle really stands out, especially the shape of it. Caorunn (read label for pronunciation) claims the Celtic heritage, since there’s some… Read more