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The story of Monkey47 is that of Montgomery Collins, who was posted in Berlin’s British sector after the end WWII. He was struck by the massive destruction that had taken place there and he decided to spend his time helping to rebuild it. His focus was the Berlin Zoo, where he became sponsor of a monkey called Max. He left the air force in the early 50s, to start  a career in watchmaking… Read more

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Almost 3 years ago, London saw the birth of a new distillery, the first one to be given a distillers’ license in almost 200 years. The founders, Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall, and their master distiller, Jared Brown, wanted to distill London Dry Gin like it used to be done: in small batches, one shot and by pot-still. This already sets them apart from other new-comers, which were mo… Read more

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About 30 years before the launch of Bombay Sapphire, Alan Subin and Burton Brown, two old friends, decided to work on a gin together. They had these talks in the Gaslight Club in New York, which was co-owned by Brown. The Gaslight Club was a speakeasy, members-only concept that originated in Chicago, with Prohibition lifted not long before. The two gentlemen travelled to the United Kin… Read more

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What better way to celebrate the first day of Easter then enjoying a nice G&T! I noticed a less then half-full bottle of Geranium Gin in my cupboard and realised I never tasted it in the mix with Tonic – always in cocktails or neat, strangely. So here we go, in combination with Fever Tree Tonic Water. Happy Easter! Geranium Gin is a Danish brand created by Henrik Hammer and his fat… Read more

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Barbados is said to be the place where the history of rum started. A document found in 1651 stated: “The chief fuddling they make in the island is Rumbullion, alias Kill-Divil, and this is mad of sugar canes distilled, a hot, hellish, and terrible liquor.” Fortunately for us all this changed for the better and since then the category of rum has developed itself into the most… Read more

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  All over the world bartenders are always looking for new combinations of flavours and spirits. Thta’s how it used to be and that’s how things will probably be forever. Because by doing this, new cocktails are born, just like you would try to do at home with cooking or maybe when you’re mixing your own cocktails. Last week I wrote about the Gin Basil Smash R… Read more

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“New Western Dry” is the proclamation that Aviation Gin makes, indicating this is going to be something different than the gins that are around. The creators of this spirit, which was launched in 2006, have chosen a rather unusual set of botanicals to work with, outside of the compulsory Juniper of course and the best-known citrus flavouring agent in any gin, Coriander.… Read more

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I recently came across this bottle and it immediately drew my attention. The design of the bottle has been done really well and it invited me to taste the contents as well. The Double Rye! hasn’t got the exclamation mark for nothing – it is an indication that this is a special blend of two rye whiskies: The youngest is a 2-year-old that has a 95 % rye and 5 % barley mash. The older (… Read more

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