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Image by The Connaught


Image by The Connaught
  When The Connaught re-opened in december 2007 after a year-long restauration of the entire hotel, the bar immediately set a new standard for hotelbars. It combined the old style of the hotels with the new style of mixology. The cost for this “contemporary interpretation” totalled a nice £ 70 million and the result is impressive, to s… Read more

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Masataka Taketsuru (1895) was a member of the family that had been producing Sake since 1733, but he was obsessed with Whisky. His passion led him to Glasgow, where he studied the art of making whisky to eventually become master blender. He not only found his passion, but also his wife, Jessie Roberta, who he married and took home to Japan. He was the first one to produce whisky in Japan w… Read more

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No 3 gin & tonic

Today was such a fine day that I treated myself not to 1, but 2 Gin & Tonics (I mean variations, not servings of course). The weather was just great and daylight saving kicked in, giving me an extra hour of enjoying a g&t in the sun. Since I already opened a bottle of Schweppes, to mix with Citadelle, I decided to go further with this one and mix it with another new addition to my colle… Read more

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citadelle gin & tonic

My choice for today’s Gin & Tonic is 2 extremes: the exclusive, handcrafted Citadelle Gin, from the French region of Cognac, combined with Schweppes Tonic, one of the world largest brands for soft drinks. I was recently introduced to Citadelle, and I was very eager to try this one in my G&T reviews. The story of Citadelle begins in the late 18th century, as 2 Frenchmen start… Read more

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It is the year 2008. Hamburg. A hot Summer. This summer would see the birth of one of the most successful contemporary cocktails: the Gin Basil Smash. The team of Le Lion, a very stylish speakeasy-style bar in the old centre of the city, was fooling around with some gin and some basil and they were inspired by the Whiskey Smash. This is a very old drink, based on Bourbon, which is ‘smashe… Read more

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Picture by 69 Colebrook Row

Picture by 69 Colebrook Row
SpeakEasy-style bars come in all different shapes and sizes. Unnoticeable doors, secret cellars, password-only, members-only etc etc. And although the strong arm of the law will not hunt these premises down, it feels special to be in a place that’s not accessible for everyone. On 69 Colebrook Row you can find The Bar With No Name, and conveniently… Read more

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I couldn’t think of a more appropriate cocktail to celebrate the first day of spring, than the Russian Spring Punch. It was a great day here in Amsterdam, 18 degrees with no cloud in the sky at all. Just perfect! If only the evenings were just a few hours longer and a bit warmer, it would be even better. And it would be called summer. Back to the Russian Spring Punch. This cocktails is inve… Read more

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The liqueur Mandarin Napoléon is of course inspired by the famous French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who was born on Corsica in 1769. Corsica happened to be the perfect place to grow tangerines, that initially came from China and symbolic for wealth and luxury. It was Antoine-François de Fourcroy, a chemist and teacher, who introduced a distillate of tangerines to Napoléon wh… Read more

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VL92 tonic

My apologies for being one day late, I had the pleasure of visiting the Jenever Festival in Schiedam yesterday. Schiedam is a city, incorporated by the larger Rotterdam and home to a few of the oldest distilleries in the world. For the third year the festival is organized in the Jenever Museum and is drawing a larger crowd every year. Now how does Jenever (or Genever) relate to G&T Sunda… Read more

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Bombay Sapphire

  Last year was a historic mark for Bombay Sapphire, because it was exactly 250 years ago then, in 1761, that the recipe, which Bombay Sapphire still uses today, went into production in Warrington (NW England). Next year will also mark a special occasion, because then the production facilities will be moved to Laverstoke Mill, a historic location halfway between London and Sout… Read more

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