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martini glass

As a discerning tippler, you have found your way to this blog, not only for easy recipes, but also for great bars and for some education. Now I know you have your cocktail basics at home: your shaker, your strainer, jigger, barspoon…the works. But how cool does it look in your homebar (or kitchen)? Here are some great finds, unfortunately only for my Dutch readers, at Mark… Read more

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I just love cocktails that are deeply rooted in society (is that correct to say?), are known all over the world, but it’s origins are just not entirely clear. Who invented the drink, where does the name come from, how was it originally made? All questions that some cocktail-historians are finding the answer to and to many more questions. So, where does the Margarita come from? Mos… Read more

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Photo by Ming

Photo by Ming
  Tucked away in a small street in one of the oldest areas in Amsterdam, called De Jordaan, lies Vesper Bar. It takes some navigation to get there, through the small streets of this area, where even finding a parkingspace for your bike is somewhat difficult. It fits the despcription of a neighbourhoodbar just as well as that of an international co… Read more

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Thinking of what would be the perfect mix for as lazy Sunday afternoon, I started thinking of one of my favourite mixes: the good old Gin & Tonic. Now, as one can understand, one G&T can vary greatly from the other, when using a different gin, tonic or garnish. You can compare it to driving a car. Every car does the same: it takes you from A to B, but how you get to your destination depen… Read more

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Now, we all know Ian Flemming, the creator of James Bond. And I think most of you know that Bond’s favourite cocktail was the Vesper Martini. Today, in 1952, Ian Flemming started to write his very first novel, in his Jamaican house. This novel was Casino Royale, where we not only learned of James Bond, but also the, now famous Vesper Martini. But few people know that the very first… Read more

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I’m trying to avoid the word Valentine here, and my only reference to this Hallmark-fest is the color pink, which comes from the cranberry juice. This is the 4th drink in this series, and this one’s a little harder, but follow my lead and you’re bound to be mixing like a pro. I will talk about the original Mojito in a little while, but in the mean time you can get started maki… Read more

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Since the rise & rise of the Cosmopolitan cocktail, cranberry juice has been enormously popular for use in longdrinks and cocktails. Besides the Cosmopolitan, the Cape Codder and the Seabreeze are easy mixes and very resfreshing. When drank pure, the drink tends to be quite bitter and strong, so can be diluted with water or, more logically, mixed with spirits. Recently, a new brand… Read more

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Canal House bar

Picture taken from Red & Grey
Going out for a drink to a bar invisible from the street, has something extra to it, something secrative. That already puts The Canal House 1-0 ahead. Logically, the hotel and bar are located on a canal, and they both share the same entrance. This is guaranteed a personal welcome by the concierge, who takes you to a lush sofa or a comfortable seat at t… Read more

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This cocktail fits great in the category Easy-as-hell: even if your skills are limited to opening a bottle of wine, you can impress your guests with a great drink. It was invented in the U.S. in the late 40’s, first named “The Red Devil” but later renamed after Cape Cod, Massachusetts, because of the presence of the 2nd largest crop of cranberries in that area. Method: T… Read more

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First drink in The Week of the Cranberry is about the most famous cocktail as I can think of. Even if you’ve never strayed away from your favourite beer, you still heard of someone ordering one or preparing one at a houseparty. It was invented in Miami in the 80s and travelled in no-time throughout the U.S. and the U.K., becoming one of the most sold cocktails in the 90s. But no-one els… Read more

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